Back view of the  3-part Liceworx(TM) comb
  • Back view of the  3-part Liceworx(TM) comb
    Back view of the 3-part Liceworx comb (TM).
  • Front view of the  3-part Liceworx(TM) comb
    Front view of the 3-part Liceworx(TM) comb
  • Say good bye to the Lice Family!
    Say good bye to the Lice Family!
  • View of the Liceworx(TM) comb showing its three rows of teeth.
    View of the Liceworx(TM) comb showing its three rows of teeth.
  • Life cycle of human head lice
    Life cycle of human head lice

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                  WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE!

My name is Christine and I am the owner/operator of The Happy Lady Bug. I have developed my own naturally derived products for the removal of head lice on all children and adults called Liceworx™.

The Happy Ladybug uses the wet comb method with a naturally derived lice treatment formula. Why? Scientific proof that has revealed the many health dangers of synthetic toxic chemicals. The formula works effectively with a 3 part brush designed to tackle all stages of lice growth.

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To find out more or to make an appointment please contact me:
Phone: 0438169928 (please leave a message if I miss your call!)
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I am the mother of 7 children whom over the years, as many mothers have, experienced the a variety of chemical products as a way to beat the head lice cycle, not really understanding the potential dangers of the chosen products. I soon discovered that these chemical treatments contained pesticides and insecticides, as found in fly spray and mosquito repellant. The side affects were skin irritation and other similar afflictions.

So I created a formula based on naturally derived products that is non-toxic and is neutral when applied to human skin. My youngest child has been lice free for many years since starting to use this formula. And no more screaming from the reactions caused by harsh chemicals.

My specialty now is head lice removal and I also give free advice for concerned parents.

With the growing trend for the use of natural products, I saw a strong need for a service in the Bundaberg region and officially opened business in 2012.



* Evaluation of infestation

*Application of exclusively designed treatment procedure

*Issuance of "Certificate of Clearance".

*Re-application of treatment procedure

*Final Success Assessment

(PLEASE NOTE: Follow up treatments are vital for 100% guarantee.)

  • HEAD CHECK per head (only if needed)               $5.00

  • INITIAL TREATMENT (under 3 yrs, fine hair)         $20.00   
          • -   Follow Up Treatment $15.00
  • INITIAL TREATMENT (short length hair)                $30.00 
          •  -   Follow Up Treatment $25.00
  • INITIAL TREATMENT (medium/shoulder length)   $40.00  
          • -  Follow Up Treatment $25.00
  • INITIAL TREATMENT (long hair/past shoulder) $45-$50.00  
          • -   Follow Up Treatment $25-$30.00

These prices are based on the standard type of hair.

Also taken into consideration is hair thickness and tightness of any curls.

Depending on how bad the infestation is will also affect the time and cost required for the treatment.

All of these details will be discussed at the consultation.


 This is my own naturally derived formula that works to eradication of all stages of the lice lifecycle. Contains natural essential oils that are safe for all scalp types.
It is now available to purchase online or directly contacting me at my clinic.
Phone 0438 169 928 to find out more.
RRP $19.95 incl. GST. (postage & handling extra).

Amazing 3 row comb which untangles hair while removing lice and nits! Specially designed rounded stainless steel pins work effectively while protecting the scalp.
It is now available to purchase online or directly contacting me at my clinic.
Phone 0438 169 928 to find out more.
RRP $16.95 Incl. GST. (Postage and handling extra)


Tips and tricks you can use to break the lice cycle at home:

  • Check all family members first. This is the most vital part of breaking the cycle of lice. If you find any seek treatment immediately.
  • After treatment the following process should be undertaken:
    1. Wash all accessories, hats, hair ties, headbands etc.
    2. Strip bedding and wash on hot cycle then put into a dryer preferably
    3. Ensure brushes, combs and pillows are not shared
    4. Avoid head-to-head contact as much as possible
    5. Keep long hair tied back at school
    6. Complete a follow-up appointment with your head lice specialist
    7. Notify your childrens school so other parents can be addressed. This is vitally important in the breaking of the cycle as other parents will then act to check their children for lice as well and seek treatment if needed.
  • Lice need human hair and blood to survive so cleaning of carpets, furniture, or plastic toys is not vital in breaking the lice cycle.
  • For stuffed toys, doona's and pillows, an easy and effective way to kill any lingering lice or eggs is to place these in a airtight plastic bag for 2 weeks.


When lice bite their saliva causes a reaction in the skin that makes the child itch. Sometimes they complain about a tickling sensation in the hair as well. Some children do not experience itching, instead they appear more restless than usual, shown as a decrease in concentration while at school. You should then check your child and family's hair for lice or contact a Lice removal specialist for a consulation.

Dandruff can be shaken out of the hair. Lice eggs cannot as they are stuck with a special glue that the female louse uses to protect her eggs with. The eggs are about half an inch down from the scalp, white in colour until they have their first meal. After this they change to a reddish brown colour.

Head lice are spread with direct contact along with the sharing of hats, scarves, pillows and clothing.

No - head lice cannot fly, they actually swing from head to head by direct contact and have claws that allow them to cling to hair follicles.

Head lice are able to live for up to 1 month on the head but can't survive more than 24 hours without blood from the host.

Head lice do not discriminate, as long as there is blood they will be attracted either way.

No - head lice can only survive on human heads.

Yes - it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to notify their childrens school as soon as possible. It is also very important to tell anyone who may have come in direct contact with the affected child so as to start breaking the lice life cycle as quickly as possible.



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